Emilio Iantorno
User experience designer
Hi, I’m Emilio Iantorno and I have a passion for cutting-edge design and technology, which I use to generate new ideas in unexpected ways to solve complex business problems.

I have a desire to create beautiful, compelling, and interactive experiences with a human touch that also enrich people’s lives. I have a talent for strategically developing and leading the creative direction and user experience for innovative multichannel applications to engage customers, increase sales, and brand awareness. I have expertise in project management, ecommerce, social media, customer journey maps. I am skilled in building relationships with clients, vendors, and all members of the organization to achieve business and financial objectives. I am an expert presenter, influencer, and highly organized professional.

As a creative thinker with a passion for pixels, I thrive on creating captivating stories and experimenting with new concepts. My ultimate goal is to make the impossible, possible, and bring to reality my own visualizations, or those of others.

Connect with me today at emilio.iantorno@gmail.com to learn how I can help you reach your organizational goals.