Project Management, Business alayst, Creative Director, Lead UX ui, HEAD OF UX
I HAVE A strategic mindset, cross-collaboration and a design thinking approach garnered through research, innovation, testing concepts and prototyping in coordination with product development. 
By way of introduction, my background includes:
Strategic thinking - I bring proven experience in strategic design planning and execution. From conducting user research and testing to validating user-centered design decisions, my approach has always been underpinned by first gaining audience insights and ensuring that the product fits the customer, not the other way around.
Creative Communication – My ability to espouse concepts and deliver them to multiple stakeholders has required creative communication and I’ve successfully used my graphic and UX knowledge to visually convey new ideas illustratively and beyond traditional methods. 
Project Leadership and teamwork – My project leadership approach is results-driven and keeps team members focused. I’ve overseen projects involving a diverse team with varying skill sets and understand how the whole is greater than the sum of the parts when it comes to fulfilling business needs and driving results. 
Collaboration – I’ve worked cross-functionally with design, marketing, engineering, and other related functions to identify new development areas as well as with Product Managers to conceptualize and build workflows.
Marketing – Having worked in various marketing roles, including digital, social, and web design projects, I’ve connected my capabilities for UX-based product development with marketing communications, so I not only understand the front-end development piece but also know how to take that to the marketplace
Education and experience – I have a repertoire of experience exceeding 10-years in user centric marketing and UX design supported by technical knowledge and prototyping of tools such as Sketch, lnvision, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Balsamiq, Lucidcharts, etc.
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